The full resurrection of email, the importance of online video and more trends

There’s nothing like the end of a year to inspire predictions for the coming one! Social media angel investor Tim Ferris posted four predictions for 2011 before the new decade started at Mashable, a site I don’t visit often to be honest.

But these predictions are worth reflecting on, especially since they are not only about social media. Here are three of them. 2010 was the year some pundits predicted the death of email based on what can best be called shaky logic. Nothing of course could be further from the truth.

The resurrection of email: the inbox as a nexus portal

Email will evolve and must do so to stay relevant, but chucking it as a marketing channel is pure madness.

As Tim mentions, among 20-35 year olds, their physical addresses change more frequently than their email addresses.

The email inbox is still a nexus portal. Every social network I use sends out email notification to my inbox to let me know everything from new followers on Twitter to a new message on Facebook.

The problem is not that consumers are not using email anymore. The problem is that marketers are not using it correctly and never really have. Do you even know how much each of your “subscribers” is worth to your overall business?

Calculating that will certainly help you figure out where to spend the smart money.

The importance of conversation

Another good point in Tim’s post is about how important it is for businesses to monitor the conversations about their content and find ways to track and value that. OK, as a reader of this blog you already know that but it can’t be emphasized enough.

It’s a new world out there and while it’s always been important to know what people are saying about your brand, its just as important to have the corporate flexibility to act on that information in the best interests of your company and your potential customers. Listen to what people say and use it to be better at serving and converting them.

By the way: listen to ALL interactions and include other channels and touch points than social and even online to  improve your overall marketing program, regardless of media.

Cross-channel, remember?

YouTube and the power of video marketing online

Just how much power does a well targeted video on YouTube have? Well, as far as Tim is concerned, it’s got more traffic potential than Yahoo.

As he points out, videos on YouTube are a powerful way to reach people and leverage viral and word-of-mouth advertising. With each of your campaigns, video should be something you consider.

A word to the wise about video

Assume you are not funny. Seriously, just because the video has the folks laughing around the lunch table doesn’t mean a general audience will think your witty repartee is comparable to “The Office”. Funny or serious, make sure you test your video before you post it and always remember that brevity is wit and less more.

Will we see more online video featured in other interaction channels as well? Such as…email?

The big five

In these predictions or trends and the 700 others or so I have read lately, I always see five things coming back:

1. Relevance
2. Content
3. Integration
4. Customer
5. Cross-channel

Yes, 2011 will be a very cross-channel year.

Read Mashable’s post here